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Candidates should have an undergraduate B.S. preferrably in Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science.

Master's applications should be done from July to October, and the admission (in case of approval in the selection process) is in the first period of the subsequent year. Applications for the Doctorate program can be done three times during the year. Please check the academic calendar for the application deadline in both cases.

The necessary documentation is as follows.

  • Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (Short resumé)
  • Undergraduate Record
  • Master's Records (for Doctorate candidates)
  • Copy of Master's Dissertation (for Doctorate candidates who have already concluded the MSc)
  • Three (3) recommendation letters
  • 1 photo (3cm x 4 cm)
  • For PhD candidates only: a project (up to 5 pages) under supervision of a permanent faculty member. The advisor should sign the project or a letter should be submitted in which the advisor declares his/her agreement with the submitted project.


The selection takes into account the following items:

  1. Records analysis.
  2. Written Physics Exam (click in the links to download examples of previous exams: Exam1, Exam2, Exam3, Exam4, Exam5, Exam6 and Exam7).
  3. Interview with candidates

As PGAST-INPE is part of Unified Examination of Graduate Courses in Physics (EUF), the result of this examination may also be considered. But, the applicants are not waived of doing the INPE´s Physics Exam.

List Bibliography:

  • Fundamentals of Physics I, II, III, IV (Halliday e Resnick)
  • Basic Physics Course I, II, III e IV (H. M. Nussensveig)
  • Physics Collection 1, 2, 3, 4 (Adir M. Luiz)
  • Conceptual Physics (P. Hewit)
  • Physics: a college course (M. Alonso e E. Finn)

The Physics exam can be applied in the candidate's university in case of the candidate's residence is far from the INPE headquarter (held in the city of São José dos Campos, SP) or even abroad. The oral assessment will be carried out by videocon in these cases. However, that solution is not assured for every single candidate. Instructions will be sent to all applicants after the application deadline.

Selection calendar

Dec 06, 2021, 8h00 BRT - Examination.
Dec 08-09, 2021 - Oral assesment.

More information about the process will be sent to the applications until Nov 05, 2021. Please contact
, if you did not receive an email about the selection process.


Foreign candidates can take advantage of the CAPES Postgraduate Agreement - PEC-PG.
For more details consult this link.