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About the course

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Remote Sensing allows the study of natural and anthropogenic processes occurring in the Earth's surface at different spatial and temporal scales. Due to its continental dimensions, Brazil is one of the countries that can most benefit from the use of Remote Sensing in the research and monitoring of their renewable and non-renewable natural resources. INPE is a pioneer in this area of research in Brazil.

Foreseeing the great need for training specialized researchers in the analysis and interpretation of Remote Sensing data, INPE created in 1972 the course of Postgraduate Remote Sensing at the Master graduation level. In 1998, the Doctorate degree was also created.

The expected duration for the Master´s degree is 24 months on a full-time basis. The course includes basic required subjects, electives, and oriented studies. The student must be submitted to a proficiency qualification exam in a foreign language (English). By completing the disciplines it will be required to submit a Dissertation proposal. The Master's thesis is the final course requirement for acquiring the Master degree.

At the Doctorate graduate level, the expection duration is 48 months and also on a full-time basis. The student must be submitted to a proficiency qualification exam in two foreign languages, a Qualification Interview, a Qualification Examination, a Thesis Proposal Examination and, finally, develop and present a Doctoral Thesis for the Doctorate degree.