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Learn How to Join

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The selection of candidates for the Master and Doctorate Courses will occur in three stages.

First stage:

Applicants will be evaluated by a Selection Committee composed of three members of the faculty appointed by the Academic Coordinator. The committee will review the documentation submitted at time of Application. In case of incomplete documentation, the candidate will be withdraw of the selection process.

The evaluation of candidates will be based on an Evaluation Form, filled independently by three members of the Selection Committee. Each member will assign “Accept” or “Not Accept” for each candidate.

Candidate Evaluation Form will consider the following topics:


  • University where the graduation was done
  • Duration of the undergraduate course
  • Average overall score
  • Grade´s regularity
  • Annual performance trend


  • Scientific initiation scholarship
  • Number of papers published
  • Publications in journals
  • Publicatons in conferences

Three (03) Letters of Recommendation:

  • Evaluater experience
  • how long has the evaluater known the candidat
  • Degree of convergence among evaluators
  • Motivation for advanced studies
  • Fundamental knowledge
  • Maturity and emotional stability
  • Independence
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to work in team
  • Languages skills
  • Computer skills
  • Other academic activities
  • Teaching
  • Academic internship
  • Extracurricular courses
  • Specialization courses

After independent analysis of the documentation of all candidates, the Selection Committee will gather to make a final decision. It will pass to the second stage candidates who have been approved unanimously (by the three Committee members) or by majority (by two Committee members).

Second stage:

In the second stage of selection, documentation of candidates approved in the first stage will be available to the Faculty of PGSER for analysis. At this stage, the teachers will identify candidates who have training / profile / interest / experience they think is best suited for the projects and lines of research in which teachers operate. Each teacher may appoint up to six candidates, who will move to the third stage of the selection process.

Third stage:

In the third stage candidates must be approved in the interview.


Applicants will be interviewed by the teachers that selected them. During this interview the candidate will be evaluated on the following aspects:

  • Capacity to express an idea or a thought;
  • Basic knowledge in their area of training, use of language, oral exposition of his/her ideas;
  • Adherence of the theme proposed by the candidate to the teacher´s line of research;
  • General considerations of the teacher about the candidate:
    1. researcher profile,
    2. possible contributions to science;
    3. postgraduate course as a personal desire or subterfuge etc.

The interviews will be conducted by videoconference (the student must contact the teacher to schedule a date).

Each teacher will evaluate (approve or disapprove) the candidates he/she interviewed, and among those who were approved, the teacher will select a candidate to be his/her student. Candidates approved in the interview, but who were not the first choice of any teacher, will be placed on a waiting list, and in case of withdrawal, they may be called.

* As stated in the 2020 selection process calendar (for entry in March 2021), the final result will be released by December 31. Students on the waiting list may be called until the day of enrollment (in February 2021, the date to be defined in the INPE Academic Calendar (In Portuguese)).