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Master and Doctorate Scholarships:

Every year we have some scholarships available for Masters and Doctorate (CAPES and CNPq) candidates from our course. To apply for a scholarship the student should express its interest by replying "yes" in the "You are a candidate for the scholarship via INPE?" questionnaire.

For entry in March 2020 (the 2019 selection process), we will have 17 master's and 5 doctoral available scholarships. The number of scholarships may be higher if some teachers get extra Project scholarships.

Doctorate Scholarships for foreigners:

Foreign students have two options:

  1. They can enroll in our normal selection process and compete for one of the scholarships offered by the course.
  2. They may apply for a PEC-PG scholarship (Student-Agreement Graduate Program), or other similar scholarships. In the case of PEC-PG, the information is contained on the program's page. Be aware of the deadline for submission of entries. Any questions, please contact pecpg@capes.gov.br.

To receive an acceptance letter from the PG-SER and be able to apply for PEC-PG scholarship (or similar), the applicant must send the documents described below to
to be reviewed by the Course Council (the Council needs a minimum of three weeks to give its opinion) :

  • graduating school records and full master (with the names of the subjects in full, and which shall include any failures or candidate's registration twists issued as an official document, stamp and signature or authentication code. The transcript must contain the approval criteria (minimum grade) or alternatively statement from the University stating that the criteria are).

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Copy of the dissertation

  • 3 reference letters (see model ).

  • Research project (see specifications).

  • Have accepted a mentor who is teaching the PG-SER (list of teachers with their CVs available in: BE of Teachers). This acceptance means that if the applicant is approved by the course, and that get the scholarship, teaching is committed to guide the student.

  • Recent English exam voucher (maximum 2 years) of TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge, with a minimum grade compatible with those specified in the table below.

English (minimum level)
71 527 6,0 B2